About Save Our Tamaki Organization

Save Our Tamaki Organization Overview

Save Our Tamaki Organization, was formed to focus on friends of family.
Because the family is forced to relocate often, they decided to establish the headquarters in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Tamaki’s father’s university town (Tohoku University of Art and Design Yamagata Prefecture) where many friends reside.
Other branches have been set up in the parents’ hometown of Hokkaido and Aomori, further branches have been set up to expand the fund-raising activities in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Yamagata and nationwide.


*All branches are working in conjunction with each other to pull funds together.

Message from the President

The girls were born on November 12, 2013 in Sapporo.

The older sister’s name is Sumire.
Her twin sister Tamaki was born right after.
Due to sudden illness after 6 months, Sumire passed away.
She lived for only 270 days.

The younger sister Tamaki had a similar symptom.
Her older sister Sumire risked her life to let everyone know what symptom Tamaki has.

The illness is called, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

It is a disease where the heart muscle begins to dilate, meaning it stretches and becomes thinner. Consequently, the inside of the chamber enlarges. The problem often spreads to the right ventricle and then to the atria. As the heart chambers dilate, the heart muscle doesn’t contract normally and cannot pump blood very well. As the heart becomes weaker heart failure occurs.

Willing to do anything for the daughter, her parents decided to move to Osaka with her, where they have a hospital specified for curing heart diseases.

Parents sold everything they had to support their dear Tamaki.

Tamaki spent most of her life inside the hospital, and has not yet to experience the outside world.

Never having a chance to experience the cold winter from her hometown in Sapporo, or the humid heat of her new home in Osaka.

Tamaki holds her life today due to her parent’s support and her older sister.
We decided to create this charity for her because of our wish to give Tamaki an ordinary day like how we spend everyday.

It is our time to save dear Tamaki.
The only way is to find a heart donor from overseas.

We also need a large amount of fund to make this happen.

Of course our dear Tamaki is not someone special to any of you yet.
But she could become a best friend to your children one day.

As long as Tamaki lives, there are possibilities for that.

We all want to spend an ordinary day with her in the future. It is nothing special.
We all know how special our every ordinary day is. We want to give her that.

We ask for your help.
Please give us a possibility to connect her with everyone in the future.
By giving her “A gift of a ordinary day”.